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Trees have a more direct and profound role to play in Climate Change than is currently understood, they have a much greater effect on our future existence than one could imagine. This anecdotal book is the telling of this most important but poorly understood fact. Plant a tree, be part of the solution.
Bobbi Hunter
Co-founder Greenpeace

The Rain Drop Program is a fun way to get started to make our planet healthy again. It is one rain drop at a time. No need to ask anyone's permission to help our planet Earth.
We can start now.

Authored by Rodney Earl Andrews

The character, Jack Wilson, is called the iceman. Many environmental scientists around the world are researching and monitoring climate change. Jack looks in the other direction. He is not a scientist. He chooses to investigate how our planet keeps cool.
This easy to read, non technical narrative explains how we are preventing planet Earth from cooling down. While the scientific community is focused on global warming, Jack Wilson and John Henry discuss how the planet tries to keep cool. Listen in on their conversations as Jack sketches out colourful solutions.
Jack connects his discoveries to global cooling. On his soap box, he identifies reasons for ocean and sea levels rising around the world. Jack is upfront. He shows us how we can lower ocean levels while cooling down
our planet.

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Watch this video to understand why Everett and Rose in Chapter 4 take on the largest companies in the world on YouTube at:

Ten Bridges, Seven Churches, No Stop Light is a riveting tale of small town people living exciting lives.

This journey will have you hanging onto the farm sleigh as the team of draft horses fall through the ice.

Everett and Rose take on the largest company in the world and you can work with them to correct the problem. Ring the bell on the assembly line and tell the car and truck manufacturers to fix it before you push the start button.

Hide in the dark with Manley, a World War II sniper, as he tries to stay alive to get home.

Go on the fall deer hunt, fall in love, with teenager Jake Payne and learn how the lure of the hunt is more than the hunt.

Visit Ruthie in the auto wrecking yard as she teaches her younger brothers to take apart wrecks for parts. Gentlemen, there is only one Ruthie.

Fall in step with Jack Wilson, the Ice Man, as he walks backwards towards global warming. He has more opinions than an arena filled with coaches at playoff time and if you don’t have an opinion Jack will give you one.

Try to catch up to Fargo and Rusty as the two brothers enter the monopoly world of alcohol.

Like the Ouse River that flows through town and meanders on its way to Rice Lake, life carries our characters on numerous side trips where they did not plan on visiting. Hang on to your copy for dear life. These small town people deliver a big message. Make a bowl of popcorn, grab your favourite drink, and then curl up for a good read.

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About the author:
My seventh decade is fast approaching in time to introduce my second book “Cooling Down Planet Earth. I reach for the grey rinse so I will not be asked for proof of age at the beer store. “Ten Bridges Seven Churches No Stop Light” was my first book. I like to say that I am the bestselling author in Lakehurst, Canada. My wife, Claire often points out that Lakehurst is a hamlet with seven homes and no book store. My next project is to get a motorcycle licence without breaking a bone. If all goes well I might trade in the sawmill for a dirt bike as I like to play outdoors.

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